ADA Access

ADA accessible doors equipped with ADA operator buttons are located at the main entrance to The Track and Field Center at Gately Park. There is another set of ADA accessible doors leading into the track area and field area. There is also an elevator to 2nd floor of the Track and Field Center at Gately Park. ADA accessible doors are located on the 2nd floor.


ADA Locker Rooms

All locker rooms are ADA accessible.


ADA Parking

The Track and Field Center at Gately Park offers 28 ADA parking spaces in the adjacent parking lot.


ADA Seating

Wheelchair accessible seating is available at the bottom on both sets of retractable bleachers located on the north and west side of the track and field area. There are ADA accessible ramps leading into the main grandstand seating on both the north and south entrances into the grandstand. ADA accessible seating is located on the lower and upper decks of the main grandstand area.


ADA Washrooms

The express changing rooms located near the fitness center are 3 single/Unisex washrooms that all offer wheelchair accessibility.


Accessible Programming

The Chicago Park District operates accessible programming throughout the parks system. Visit their website for more information: